British singer Ed Sheeran has been in the headlines for quite some time now. The current king of the charts likes chartering into unknown territory with his bold, experimental fashion choices.

Apart from hitting the right musical notes, the singer has also been hitting the right fashion notes with his spectacular choice of eyewear. We bring to you a rundown of his favourite specs styles.

1) Ed Sheeran has always been a big fan of rectangular frames and has been spotted many times sporting that style. Combined with his underrated charm, the eyewear seems like the perfect, sleek pair for everyday wear; don’t you think?


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2) Did you know Ed Sheeran is a fan of bold frames? Especially the classic black glasses that perfectly bring out his nerdy side and instantly create that perfect, bold statement look.


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3) When not donning his usual bold frames, Ed Sheeran also likes to experiment with some quirky, round glasses. They don’t just look comfortable, but also give his look a very retro edge. The professional, yet playful feel of his glasses brings him an instant appeal.


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P.S. – Did you know that Ed Sheeran is actually ‘blind as a bat’ without his glasses?