It’s that time of the year again when demand for humble flowers, chocolates, and soft toys are set to hit an all-time high. Gift shops are flooded with gifting options and you, just like every year, are looking for something different and special that screams romance, care, and love without being clichéd.

Fret not; we’ve got your back! There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to welcome summers with a pair of sunnies that your loved one would love to flaunt. They are not only one of the coolest and most fashionable, but are also timeless. To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the best sunglass options from our extensive collection of shades to pick for the special day.

Sunnies for her:



Girls are bold, strong-headed, smart, intelligent, tough, and yet have an effortless feminine side to them. Rochester’s vintage cat-eye silhouette coupled with a firm acetate construction will accentuate just that for your girl, and will guarantee you’re in good books this Valentine’s Day.

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FL 961_P2_1_FRONT-750x288

For the sharp, smart and downright confident women, Iris is a must-have accessory. An outdo favourite, these sunglasses will flatter your loved one’s face with splendor without being too imposing.

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Designed for the modern-day professional, this model of sunglasses will result in some serious Valentine’s Day gratitude from your loved one. The dynamic mix and textured front is sure to give her a professional yet playful look with instant appeal.

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11345_MERCURY ORANGE_1_FRONT-750x288

Stylish, bold and unapologetically glamorous, this classic frame shape with modern colouration is an ideal gift for your loved one.

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F1124_BROWN AND GOLD_1_FRONT-750x288

With a generously rounded silhouette and flattering fit, Cult is definitely a crowd-pleaser. These ultra-modern shades will effortlessly soften her face without compromising the charm.

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Sunnies for him:


G1AVIATORS_1_FRONT-750x288 (1)

These are for the modern man who loves a good pair of aviators and has an eye for traveling and discovering new things. These reinvented golden aviator sunglasses are sharp yet slick, and are sure to become one of the prized possessions for your man.

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If you’re looking for something to really wow the man in your life, take a look at this timeless wayfarer sunglass that is revised with fresh finishing and a comfortable fit. For a man who is sharp but laid back, these are a great pair to have.

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If your man loves vintage fashion, these shades are an incredible option and makes for a fantastic present on Valentine’s Day. From a hike on the mountainside to a bike ride across town, they are the most convenient shades to have on-the-go for men who lead a fast paced lifestyle and need their accessories to keep up with them!

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If your man is a big fan of 90s pop culture, then these aviators are the best gift for him this V-Day. They sport a unique browline that is sure to attract a few stares. So yes, brace up to get possessive!

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ML N326_P1_1_FRONT-750x288

Nickel is for the man who not only loves to be outdoors but also appreciates finer things in life. Designed to impress, this modern day sunglass offers polarized lenses and a sleek silhouette to suit any occasion.

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