One of the thumb rules of putting outfits together is that they need to match the occasion for which you will be wearing them. It is essential that you dress for the occasion, otherwise, no matter how great your outfit looks, you will continuously feel self-conscious, and out of place.

Just like clothes, glasses, if not chosen correctly, can fail to complement the look you spent hours, perfecting. Well, don’t worry, in this blog post we have hand-picked a few frames to be worn at the right occasion so that you can up your frame game and steal a few jealous glances!

Frames for formal business event



When at a business meeting with an array of clients and colleagues, it’s usually best to stay with conservative frame shapes and colors. Steer clear of colored tints and pick shapes that enhance your professional image.

Our Picks : BlakeCharlieCrane



Don’t consider formal events as one of those adventures from Men in Black to wear an all-black sunglasses look. Rather, pick for something that consists of very fine, simple lines. Shades that have very simple outlines and neutral glasses can work well too.

Our Picks : PabloRogueCartel

Frames for an informal day



For your more active life, especially on weekends or once you reach home post work, think of wearing something comfortable. You can experiment with the shape, texture and colors that keep the nerdy-look at bay.

Our Picks : BreezeBurmaDash



Informal sunglasses usually feature a combination of lines and shapes – rectangles combined with squares, pointy corners, etc., which give them a more relaxed and versatile look.

Our Picks : Bronx, Dame, Dazzle

Frames for party mode



While many of us might prefer lenses over spectacles when heading for a party, there are frames, shapes, colors and patterns that can guarantee a smart-look without bearing the pain of wearing lenses for long hours.

Our Picks : Murdoch, Maxican, Vagabond



For that perfect beach party or that summery wedding party of your friend, choose sunglasses that make a statement and are bold on-the-face and ridiculously comfortable.

Our Picks : Bandit, Explorer, Indie