While sunglasses might look good as per your face shape, it’s ultimately your personality that beholds everyone. So, it’s time you put your money in shades that define more of ‘you’ than just your outer appearances!

Here’s a list of sunglasses we would recommend according to your sun sign:



Fun and adventurous, always up for life, that’s how you have known yourself since eternity and to top it up, you need a pair of shades that lives up to the same standard of cool. So, cat-eyed glares are exactly your thing. Not only will you stand out, but the style meter will only go a notch up.



You are the epitome of warmth. The soft, loving yet determined Taurean that you are, only a pair of aviators can justify your personality. As they say, basics last longer and aviators are just that! No hassles of matching it in, a pair of aviators will be your go-to accessory.



You are intelligent and witty. Your eloquence is what makes you distinct. And the pair of choice for a Gemini has to be equally distinct. Those hot bumblebee sunglasses, yes, the same starry ones, are what you need. Not just classy, they speak volumes about the versatility of your personality.



The synonym for Cancerians is emotional. Yes, the only sign brimming with sensitiveness and love is your’s and that’s what makes your cement harder. So, for you, reflectors will bring in the vibrance. The latest frenzy of stars, Reflectors, are charming just as you are.



For the creative being that you are, those Dior-inspired holder-less sunglasses are the right pick. Catchy and easy, it’ll do justice to your personality that gives others a complex.



Diligent and shy, you are an observant fellow and when it comes to your pair of shades, how can you just pick anything? A perfect square frame in a subtle shade is what will define you. Touted as the must-have by many, it’ll bring the much-needed edge to your life.



You are a person surrounded by people, a social butterfly and that’s what keeps your spirits up all the time. A round tinted frame is what you need, giving you the approachable vibe yet you stand out as the charming one that you are!



What describes you best is your intensity combined with that rock-hard determination! A pair of cimmerian Lennon glasses are tailor-made for you. Put them on and send the message out loud – you mean business buddy!



A Saggi is probably the most jovial of all signs – cracking jokes, being the life of the party. You are funky and experimental and those octagonal glares will just be the fairest pick for you. Be it the basic brown or reflectors, quirky is the new cool and you have always believed it!



The mysterious Capricorn, ahh, people often wonder what goes in your head. Then why give them an inlet through your eyes? Grab those black sturdy wayfarers and let the mystery keep looming.



Always vouching for individuality, aren’t  you dear Aquarian? What can be better than those see-through  frames you have always wanted to grab! A personality like yours can always carry them with panache. Time to give it a shot?



Your imagination touches the sky, so much so that it leaves you baffled at times as well ! So, why go for something ordinary then? Turn up the heat and invest in those swanky extension sunglasses! There are a variety available in designs and patterns that you can choose and flaunt from!