While the importance of a good pair of sunglasses has always been emphasised, time and again, nobody understands the pain of buying an expensive pair and not being able to flaunt it! How do you do it then?

Your guidebook to getting that amazing, sassy sunglass-picture is finally here! Read on and get clicking!

1. Look up, ALWAYS!


If you believed that it’s a good way to get your selfie right, you are absolutely correct! Moreover, it also brings your shades into focus. Just the way Sonakshi Sinha does it in this picture, look up away from the camera and let the attention remain on your sunglasses.

2. Up-close and capture!


We (heart) Priyanka Chopra’s pictures, all of ‘em (with an American accent!). So, if you feel the looking-up doesn’t do you any good, here is plan B – take a close-up. While it brings your face in the spotlight, the reflection of the shades will put all eyes on you. And yes, this is the best way to flaunt your oh-so-expensive sunnies without making it too obvious. Win-win?

3. Goof up!


Indeed, when has being all poised helped anyone? Let your pictures be as fun as you are. Play around with your sunglasses and bring up the funk factor like Alia Bhatt. Shades aren’t always meant for the eyes after all. Above the forehead or below the nose, it’s all about versatility.

4. Monotone


When nothing works, go black and white, just like Shasha. The color blocking throws light on the accessories in a very subdued manner. So if your purpose is clear, let every other muse take a back seat and allow your shades to do the talking.

5. 50-50


This is a good idea in either case – if you wish to take a selfie with your bestie or even without them. Since half of your face isn’t visible, the focus automatically shifts to the shades perched up on your nose. And if you are still confused, check this selfie by Athiya Shetty to remove all second thoughts.

6. Sunnies under the Sun


While the light might be a good exposure for your clicks, it adds brownie points to your flaunt-game as well. So, let the sunrays simmer and do their magic as it reflects on your cool pair of shades and ultimately on your picture. Ileana’s picture can be your reference till you attain your perfect shot.