If there’s any actor who loves to play around with eyewear fashion, it’s got to be Alia Bhatt! The young starlet who has been making waves through her movie choices is equally experimental when it comes to her sunglasses and we vouch for it!

From her chock-a-block promotion looks to holidays, or even airport looks, Alia Bhatt swears by her sunglasses. And not the basic dull-duds, the frisky girl that she is, Alia brings to the Bollywood fashion brigade some of the craziest styles that has left even labelled fashionistas red-faced.

Read on to find out how:


(Source: Voompla.com)

While we are totally diggin’ that cute outfit, it’s the shades that make it all sassy and charming at the same time. Do you think it’s easy to carry those dual-shaded pair as effortlessly as Alia does? On somebody else, it might have looked drab but Alia’s sunshiny-rendezvous with this chashma has only made our day a little more brighter.


(Source: Filmfare)

Drama! That’s the disclaimer these sunglasses should come with. While we are left wondering why were they made like this in the first place, Alia Bhatt shoots every eyebrow down with this look. Seriously, what’s all the brouhaha about it after all? Just a pair of quirky sunglasses, yeah?


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Bumble bees are a risky business, especially when you have a petite cute face like Alia’s. Very rarely do we see celebrities opting for this style statement, because chances are high that it might backfire; but, the Highway-star nails this bold trend with panache.


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Alia Bhatt chooses the bang-blue wayfarers to stand out! These single toners often seen in basic shades get a refreshing twist here, and we adore the breezy sight Alia brings to us.


(Source: Movie still)

While a nomenclature for this particular type of sunglasses is yet to be made, Alia sashays it with elan. Yes yes, we know it’s from ‘Dear Zindagi’ but the point of the matter is that, she brings life even to this experiment of a kid with so much quirk. She has indeed pioneered some uber-cool sunglasses and has the guts to don them in Bollywood!

Hereon, we rest our case!