The most fun and awaited festival of the year, Holi, is around the corner. While we take pleasure in soaking up in the delight of this colorful fiesta, it sure leaves us color-washed for days to come. But hey, we are not complaining!

Holi can be all fun and frolic, unless that gorgeous Gulaal finds its way into your eyes. Every year, major cities in India witness approximately 60 cases of eye injuries on this festive day! So, this year let’s not spoil the fun; instead, let’s keep it safe for our eyes.

Follow these simple steps to keep your Holi happy and safe:



Sunglasses not just fashionable but are functional too. They not just shield your eyes from scorching sun rays and UV rays, they also safeguard them from dust, colours and other harmful particles. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect Holi accessory? We bet! Also, since water balloons can cause permanent blindness if hit directly on the eye, keep this shelter ready.

Optics over contacts:


Do not wear contact lenses. Remove them before you step out to play Holi, and opt for spectacles instead.  Lenses absorb the color and aggravate irritation problems.

Wash with lukewarm water:


Once done with the craziness, wash your face with lukewarm water or rose water. Also, keep your eyes closed while washing your face and hair.

Tie-up your hair:


If you let your hair loose, water dripping from them might enter the eyes, causing harm to your vision. Hence, it’s best advised, you tie-up your hair tightly before drenching in the joy around.

Moisten the area around the eyes:


Either rub coconut oil or petroleum jelly thoroughly around your eyes before you start playing Holi. This will help in removing colors easily without putting your eyes at risk. For more safety, try to cover your eyes with your palm when color is being splashed at you.

Choose your safety:


Often people get carried away in the mood and opt for playing Holi with unsafe things. You should refuse to play with people who use things like potin, pain, chuna (calcium carbonate) instead of colors.

Consult a doctor:


Even if it’s mild irritation or redness, don’t let it pass; consult an ophthalmologist without delay. Any signs of decreased vision, swelling or pain in the eyes might lead to bigger medical issues later.

This year play smart and be kind to your precious eyes. Happy Holi everyone.